Why ŠKODA Cycling Team?

Before ŠKODA made cars, they made bicycles. It’s in their DNA, and ŠKODA are today proud sponsors of grand tours like Tour de France and Vuelta de España.

ŠKODA are equally proud sponsors of Vätternrundan, the world’s biggest recreational bike race as well as the ultimate challenge for a majority of the Swedish cycling community, stretching no less than 315 kilometres.

ŠKODA Cycling Team consists of 15 strong elite cyclists and 15 recruited amateurs that get a once in a lifetime opportunity to train, look and feel like a professional cyclist.

A new team of aspirational cyclists are handpicked each season with the main goal of finishing Vätternrundan in less than 8 hours. Supported from the start of the season until they cross the finish line.

It's been a long ride

Since 2016, we have been sourcing thousands of applicants trying to find the right team members, telling the most intriguing stories from the peloton and sharing that with both media and fans.

With PR, paid and organic campaigns in social media, a few events and an exceeding amount of passion and persistence,  it has really payed off.

We have seen a 30% yearly increase of applicants, some great numbers in online reach and engagement, but above all made Team ŠKODA the most renowned  cycling team in Sweden. Oh, and we’ve managed to sell some cars on the way.

It has been a long ride, but we will never get tired of crossing that finish line with ŠKODA Cycling Team.    

Enjoy the suffering from the comfort of your couch

It seems the next best thing to being one of the lucky 0,5% joining is to watch ŠKODA Cycling Team take on the challenge of finishing Vätternrundan under 8 hours, pushing an average speed of around 40km/h.

About’s Vätternrundan Livestream featuring ŠKODA Cycling Team was seen by over 130 000 unique viewers, shared over 250 times, with an average viewing time of 15 minutes and seen by over 80 nationalities – all organic.

A different year – a different challenge

Since Covid-19 robbed ŠKODA Cycling Team the privilege of riding Vätternrundan together, we joined forces and supported our partners campaign #minvätternrundan.

With 5 unique routes, stretching from Gothenburg to the border of Norway and Finland, documented and live-streamed on social media, ambassadors and recruits served the audience an unforgettable experience. 

Although far apart, we believed this initiative brought people closer together in the name of cycling and solidarity.

See Agnes Maltesdotter‘s video of her epic route from the Norwegian to the Finish border, accompanied by the beautiful tones of Strandels

The Outcome

Since the start of this project, ŠKODA Cycling Team have received:

  • National TV coverage on numerous occasions
  • Hundreds of articles, front pages, full pages and spreads in daily, business, lifestyle and specialist press
  • A 30% increase of applications YoY
  • New friends and advocates to the team and to the brand

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