A real-time visual diary of a global pandemic, conveyed by photographers across the world

With Covid-19, everything came to a stop. Lockdown and restrictions also put the lid on the people’s wellbeing and creative energy.

We needed to do something to regain strength, keep up hope and bring some light into these dark times.

The Challenge

How can we unite creative minds in times of isolation, where they share their experiences with others – hoping of changing the direction of this downward spiral?

©Rébay Viktor

The execution

Initiated by About and rolled out across Nikon Europe, #createyourlight became the campaign aimed to inspire and educate photographers in times of restriction and isolation. Every fortnight, new themes challenged aspirational and professional photographers alike to stay creative during these restrictions.

With the support of our Nikon photographers as well as fans of photography spanning from rookies to professionals from all over the world, what started as a ray of light has now been a recurring initiative growing bigger every day through PR, content creation and both paid and organic social media activations.

The Result

In the first 5 months we have seen:

  • Around 40 000 contributions to the #creatyourlight hashtag
  • A follower growth of +14%
  • Impressions increased by 170%
  • Reach increased by 210%
  • PR coverage in top tier specialist press, both in the Nordics and in Europe
  • New interesting photographers to collaborate with

More of our work

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