Storytelling through copy, design and SEO



Storytelling comes in many shapes and fonts

Whatever we call our work, it usually comes down to storytelling. Sometimes it’s emotional, sometimes rational. Sometimes literate, sometimes visual.

But it’s when all these seamlessly come together that things have a tendency of exhaling to the next level.

The Challenge

Absolut Vodka were in need of a product portfolio copy update, fitting their visual expression, history, brand tonality and SEO strategy. 

The products ranged from limited editions to core flavours, new innovations and the iconic Absolut Vodka Original.

The Execution

With mobile first in mind, treading the mine fields of legal restraints, acknowledging SEO keywords and phrases while staying factual, smart and a bit quirky, made this a bit of a tongue twister. 

A joint effort between Absolut, About and our extended network of geniuses turned this into a beautiful, inspiring and informative batch of content, ranking high in search and increased time spent on site.

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